The Specialists In -

Government & Not-For-Profit

Budgets. Grants. Governance.
RFP's. EOI's. PO's. EIEIO.

Yes, Governments & Not-For-Profits have their
own language, often peppered with acronyms.
Oh how they L-O-V-E their acronyms.

That's just one of many things that sets them apart.
Understanding how they operate is key to producing
quality results. Nimbly navigating through stakeholders
and boards, and still maintaining design or conceptual
integrity, is no easy feat.

A wise man once said "Ask a committee to design
a racehorse and you'll end up with a camel."
Sadly, this is often the case.

But if Aftershock designs Secretariat, we'll do
everything to make sure you end up with Secretariat.
Or at least Northern Dancer.