Our Work

Case Study 2

Whitby Montessori & Elementary School -
Brand Awareness Campaign

The Challenge:

To significantly raise the profile of the client's Montessori school,
which had an "outstanding reputation, that not enough people
knew about". The mandate was to build awareness through a

new brand presence, which was to be fun, dynamic and youthful. But at the same time, we needed to reflect that this is a "progressive Montessori" school which embraces technology, the arts, athletics AND academics. A novel concept was required to stand out in this crowded and very conservative market sector.

The Solution:

An ongoing integrated campaign
(traditional local print with some
complementary online advertising).
The creative leaned very heavily on
custom illustrations done in a light

"children's book" style, showing a diverse mix of children involved
in the activities that make the school so uniquely special. Visually,
the ads stood out from the competitors'. And the copy was clever,
yet succinct. A library of illustrations was built up, which could
then be leveraged into various marketing channels, ensuring
consistency and frequency of messaging.

The Results:

In the three years since the initial launch of the campaign,
enrolment is up by 25%. Where there were once openings for new
students, there are now waiting lists. There is tangible exclusivity
and cachet attached to the brand. The school has also leveraged
the brand into a strengthened online presence and an email
marketing/communication program. Locally, Whitby Montessori &
Elementary School is now regarded as a category leader, having
won the Metroland Reader's Choice Award in 2010, 2011, 2012 
and 2013 for Best Montessori School within the surrounding area.