Our Work

Case Study 1

Lansdowne Place - "Behind Closed Doors"

The Challenge:

Create a new event whereby customers would actually PAY to
come to the mall and shop. Generate large-scale buzz and
establish a "feel-good" event that can be run annually.

The Solution:

"Behind Closed Doors", an exclusive one
night, 3 hour private sale with massive
deals offered by tenants. Tickets sold for
$5 each, with proceeds going to local
charities. A full sub-brand was created
with a large-scale publicity blitz - in-mall signage, radio, p.r. appearances, on-line & social media, and much more - in order to build awareness. The publicity/ promotion ramped up to a fevered pitch in the final week prior to the event.

The Results:

Huge success!! 3,673 tickets sold. Over
$18,000.00 raised and split between seven local charities. Retailers reported spiking sales figures, full stores, and ringing cash registers. Shoppers reported great bargains and an electric atmoshere. Behind Closed Doors received radio, television and newspaper coverage. It was an exciting event, embraced by the public. Definitely will be annual - it is now a model for other malls within the parent company's portfolio to follow.

See event video